Toyota invests 500 million dollars in Uber to control the autonomous car


According to The Wall Street Journal, Toyota is investing 500 million dollars in the autonomous car project of Uber, an important bet that has triggered the valuation of Uber and that finally puts Toyota behind a development of autonomous driving technology, beyond of your own projects.

After the fatal accident of Uber, where one of its autonomous cars ran over and killed a woman in Arizona, the company has faced several problems, including regulations around the world and changes in its operation, which led to the loss of 659 million dollars, according to the financial results of the last quarter.

With this, Uber would be in a position to look for ways to reduce costs and reduce losses, it also opens up new possibilities to build test fields in Japan, something that will come in handy for the company, after the accident that put them in the spotlight. of regulatory bodies.

Here we must also remember that Uber and Toyota have been working together since 2016, an alliance in which no figures were announced and that they assured us that it was focused on boosting the private transport business, since Toyota would offer benefits to Uber drivers to lease cars, and thus be able to increase the number of cars of the manufacturer within the transport platform.


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