Slack closes a new millionaire round


Slack is one of those pretty girls in the technology sector of Silicon Valley, although its headquarters is located in Vancouver; Is a company that, despite being directed to a fully professional market (B2B), has managed to transcend this frontier in terms of entrepreneurship. The communication and work tool has caught the attention of even the giant Amazon as one of its possible short-term investments.

Now, according to Techcrunch, the entity would have raised $ 250 million in a new round of financing in which would be SoftBank and Accel among other prestigious investors in the region. The latter already has shares in the company, as it has previously participated in announced rounds. With this would already be 10 Slack operations to raise capital that would add, among all, almost 800 million dollars, of 26 different investors.

At first, there were rumors about a possible $ 500 million operation for a very simple reason: if Slack was valued at $ 3.8 billion in the April 2016 round of $ 200 million, a round of that Caliber would make it possible to increase its market value and a possible purchase just around the corner. The giant Amazon, ran as a buyer a few weeks ago. Finally, according to sources close to the companies, the deal did not reach an agreement. Which, if closed, would have increased Slack’s value to $ 9 billion. Now, with the new round of funding, stays at a not insignificant 5 billion.

The truth is that one of the virtues of Slack is to grow in a vehement way. Since its inception, the number of active users has not stopped growing all over the world, especially in the United States. It has managed to even go over projects like Yammer, owned by Microsoft, Quip or Nimbuzz. His fame is such that, you get equal competitors in any corner.

For a time, one of his biggest problems was the issue of monetization. Today it has 1.5 million users in one of the payment plans of a total of 5 million registered in the platform. At the close of the 2016 balance sheet, Slack announced that his annual benefit was $150 million. Therefore, its long-awaited monetization is on track. What is its biggest challenge now? Very simple: Slack has been defined as the system that will eliminate the use of mail. However, this works for the internal communications of the companies and not so much for the external ones. It is a great barrier that. to date, has failed to cross.


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