How refurbished equipment is saving telework


The industrial and commercial blockade in China has forced companies to resort to alternative lines of hardware distribution. Factories in the Asian giant are at a standstill, along with logistics focused on the transport of medical equipment.

The stock of computer products is increasingly scarce and companies have to devise ways to continue supplying their workers and teleworkers. Refurbished products have been an excellent way of keeping jobs active at a significantly lower cost than new hardware.

Laptop for telework


Refurbished business devices often come from defective lots or from other companies that have disposed of them. Either at the end of a contract or simply because of the need to renew hardware.

Although older computers may be used for many other tasks, things work very differently in the business sector. When a more or less extensive fleet of computers – or any other type of device – is changed, there are companies that take care of recycling or reconditioning them to put them back on sale.

So-called circular technology (widely circular economy) ensures that products, components and materials offer their maximum utility and value for as long as possible, minimising waste.

Today’s technology has evolved so much that both the software and the tools we use online every day do not require many resources. A 5-year-old laptop can be perfectly valid for work these days and that is why the demand for circular technology products has soared in the last eight weeks


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