Co-working conclusions – 5 reasons why co-working benefits small businesses


Co-working has brought the cool back into office space. Young, hip professionals mixing and mingling in office spaces that, in some cases, can double as jazz lounges given the appearance that not much work is being done. However, the co-working space is actually the hub of much work and productivity.

In fact, of the types of businesses that benefit from the co-working format, the small business does so for a variety of reasons. For the most part, co-working spaces prime the pump of innovation and creativity simply because of the way the office is organised. Click the following link to see the way this outfit has organised its co-working space.

Continue reading to learn more about just a few of the ways a small business can benefit utilising the co-working space.


One of the main benefits to the co-working space is that it saves businesses so much money monthly. Small businesses having to lease space in any American city will pay an excessive amount in rent, regardless of where their office is located. When totalling the costs for rent, utilities, cable and bills, small businesses might find themselves forking out close to $3,000 dollars. For a fledgeling company with a very small operating budget, rents that run even in this range can price them out of modestly comfortable places, and worse yet, it can be a huge waste of money, especially if they are not making full use of all of the space and equipment.

Alternatively, the co-working space allows businesses to lease space for a fraction of the cost. With all of the rent and utilities included in the space, professionals only pay one lower monthly bill, as opposed to several, and this can also be easier for budgeting. In essence, a small business can well afford the overhead that goes along with leasing space through a co-working space.


Because the rentals are reduced through the co-working space agreement, it places many small businesses in the position of working out of buildings that are in some pretty exclusive areas. With an office in centrally-located business districts or even in some of the more affluent areas, you have access to a wide array of resources. More significantly, these locations are a prime source for foot traffic, traffic that ultimately drives provides income for your business.


The co-working community can help professionals establish a network that can be a resource. Whether forging relationships that become friendships or mentoring relationships, your small business benefits from having access to people who can provide you with information that makes managing tasks inexpensively and more efficiently. Ultimately, this networking can lead to partnerships.


The co-working space also offers small businesses the chance to use the space in a few other ways other the workspace. For one, these spaces can function to provide networking potential. Because the co-working space is all about providing businesses with a community in which to network and collaborate, and it functions in providing your business with opportunities to travel easily, especially if the leasing company operates internationally. For a small business, having this type of flexibility can help with business growth.

Collaboration Opportunities

With the office as your canvas, you can essentially create opportunities to collaborate with others. In fact, your collaboration community is right before you. With professionals from a variety of industries, you do not have to travel far to meet people who are interested in creating the same types of opportunities to make money. For small businesses trying to find their way in the community, the co-working space provides a safe, nurturing place to build the types of relationships that encourage this type of partnerships.

Great Benefits Of Co-Working To Small Business

These are just some of the more immediate benefits of adopting the co-working space. For small businesses, the co-working space provides them with the necessary tools, and more importantly, the access to information needed to run a business successfully. Ultimately, the return on investment from co-working is manifested in the opportunities your company has to build growth.


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