Top 10 Agile methodologies or practices to follow in 2018


Since last year, Agile continues to stay as a “hot trend” and is not only implemented in all software development, but also in other departments of completely different companies that pace for the progress and the resources to be on top.
Due to which Agile Training is making the buzz around.
Agile methodology implies cumulative and iterated ideology of management. It purely focuses on helping the team in maintaining a focus on the quick delivery of business value and in an evolving landscape.
Here are some of the agile methodologies people need to follow currently, and, all the methodologies follow the manifesto that is based on continuous improvement, the input of team, flexibility and the delivery of the software with the top and high quality.

This is one of the top agile methodologies.
It is mostly used to work on complex projects and targets on faster delivery of high-quality software.
This methodology is apt while working on the complex projects which can be feasible into the smaller tasks.
The two main principles of Scrum are sprint planning meeting and Progress of project, retrospective.

This framework helps team work more efficiently.
It is basically a tool to organize tasks and team and is perfect to measure the efficiency of an individual or the overall team.
It has three basic principles, which are to visualize the today’s to-do list, to limit the tasks in progress to maintain the balance and to enhance flow. The fundamental principle of this methodology is prioritizing the tasks.

Extreme Programming
This framework is set to improve the software quality and responsiveness accordingly with the customer requirements.
The add-on to this framework is simplifying and speeding the process of development of software so that the software is launched with a solid MVP.
The fundamental concept of Extreme Programming is planning and it covers the 4 important phases of the cycle that is designing, coding, testing and listening. A team of 2 -12 works well with this methodology.

This management framework is a combination of two frameworks Scrum and Kanban.
Scrum is used to complete the task and Kanban is used to organize the task and improve the quality of the project.
This methodology is becoming increasingly popular because of the emphasizing principles of both the frameworks which contribute substantially to the quality of the software.

Adaptive Software Development
This framework features based risk driven and tolerant of modifications.
This is an iterative process, which completely focuses on the mission and results.
The task is conducted based on the environmental components and adaptive changes as a result of various factors like vendors, stakeholders.

Discipline Agile Delivery
This framework focuses on simplified process and works off agile methodologies like Scrum, Lean and many others.
It can be defined as a framework that enables the movement beyond the methodologies like Scum.
It not only offers a developed mechanism to streamline work, but it also provides scalability.

Feature Driven Development
This framework is again an iterative process that develops the software and is a combination of best agile practices.
This methodology focuses on the value of client functionality and targets at delivering tangible software with the minimal time frame.

Lean Software Development
This framework adopted by Toyota Production System focuses on the optimizing efficiency, continuous improvement with the goal of customer satisfaction.
Its operation involves seven principles – Eliminate the garbage, make decisions later and faster, enhance the learning, develop integrity, empower the teams and watch everything in its entirety.

Crystal Clear
This framework is a part of the Crystal practices family and is the best example of lightweight agile practice that can be co-located teams comprising less than 10 members. It is focused and operates on component’s safety.

Dynamic Systems Development Methods
This methodology is used for software development
It is also a general iterative approach that follows the framework development practices and includes the idea of continuous improvement. It works with other agile practices for service delivery purpose.

Wrapping up
The agile methodology has some underlined key benefits that make the companies successful.
And, those are quality, speed to market, transparency, responsiveness to modifications and delivering quality software.


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