Smart Strategies for Expanding Your Business without Spending a Dime


A lot of time, effort and money go into starting a new business venture and establishing your brand in the market. And for most entrepreneurs, competing with the existing players in the game and taking their enterprise to the next level can be quite a challenge. However, contrary to popular perception, you do not need to have deep pockets to spread the word and enhance your brand’s outreach within your target market. All you need is a creative bend of mind and a hunger to market aggressively to grow your company above its existing status. Here is a list of a few definitive strategies that will help you market your brand and enhance your revenues without spending a dime.

Add a personal touch to your brand

While products are manufactured on the assembly line, brands are created within the hearts and minds of the people. You need to determine your brand’s essence and market it at a more humane level. Your brick-and-mortar company is not what your customers will form relationships with. Instead, lasting alliances are formed with people associated with the brand. Discover a personality for your brand that resonates best with your target audience and you would be able to acquire a loyal customer base with zero investment.

License your offering

If you have a particularly famous branded product or service, getting it licensed is a highly lucrative and cost-efficient approach to expanding your turf. In addition to receiving the royalties via sales, licensing also helps in reducing the risk and cost factor of establishing your own company from scratch. You can start by doing your market research to explore businesses that deal with similar products and services. However, it is advisable that you take the help of an attorney in eliminating any risk of infringement on your intellectual property rights.

Take a balanced approach

While some entrepreneurs tend to emphasize more on costs, the others focus on growth as the primary mission of the organization. The leaders that are more concerned about the costs can end up being an inhibitor for the growth of the organization. On the flipside, individuals that are excessively focused on the growth aspect can be reckless when it comes to managing resources and capital. The idea is to take the middle ground and strike a balance when trying to lead your company towards growth and excellence.

Explore alternative markets

One mistake most entrepreneurs make is getting too comfortable with the market that they are currently serving. For a successful business expansion, you need to focus on new avenues and try to build your presence and visibility across alternative markets as well. For instance, if your business typically caters to the young college students and teenagers, it might be a great idea to introduce your brand across colleges, clubs, and schools that are frequented by your target audience. Explore new markets and you will be surprised to know what potential they hold for your budding enterprise.

BIO: Jonathan got his start through an Advertising agency. He began in the production department and eventually worked his way up to managing a small team. He then decided to make a transfer over to sales, and over the course of a year built a book of business valued at north of $2.5MM a /year in revenue. Jonathan was given the opportunity to manage a team on this end as well (combination of junior account executives and sales reps) in bringing in new business, monetizing existing business, and growing revenue streams to their full potential. Later, he left the agency to form his own company as a financial intermediary, helping small businesses attain necessary funding during hard times. More recently, Jonathan has founded his own management consulting firm A.K.A. Furman Transformation, igniting his full passion in transforming all aspects of a company’s Sales, Marketing, and Operational Growth strategies, into the most powerful and polished version of themselves.


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