What about social networks when we go on vacation in the SME?


Many small businesses frequently update on their social networks. It is a way of maintaining contact with your customers, loyalty and commitment to many of them. But when the holidays come, what about social networks in the SME?

If our company is going to close for a period of time, the ideal is first to notify through the own social networks of such closure. In many cases there may be clients who have come to our headquarters and there was no one. Just like we leave a message on the answering machine, we can do it in our networks. The website of the company is also a good way to inform the holiday period.

If we do not want to leave social networks without activity during the closing, what we can do is recover the best publications we have been doing throughout the year. It is about putting in value those that have liked our customers the most, that have been most useful, etc. They are scheduled to be published automatically, always warning that it is old content.

There are many tools to establish a schedule of scheduled publications, so you can also advance work and publish new issues even if we are not open. In addition as the return of vacation is approaching, it is interesting that announces that “next week we will be back.”

The only thing we have to consider, if the closure is total, will be that if we have mentions or direct messages, they will remain unanswered. In these cases the ideal is to schedule an automatic response, indicating that we are on vacation and on the return we will respond to your message.

If the company does not close completely and only leaves the person who is in charge of managing social networks, there can always be a colleague in charge to respond to these messages and mentions. Ideally, it should not be noticed that activity has been reduced in networks.


  1. Do not forget to listen: Remember that communication is bidirectional and your followers can continue commenting and asking Do not stop listening! The key to staying active is to have your social networks active through your mobile apps.

  2. There are many tools you can use to schedule your publications, but you should also consider social networks.

    I tell you this because it is not advisable to use the same tool as Hootsuite, because in the case of Facebook adversely affects the use of third-party applications for the scope of publications.


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