Your meetings with your employees, please, more productive


Good managers know it’s important to have regular meetings with each of your employees, but all too often, one-on-one meetings are rushed and disorganized.

To make the most of these meetings with our employees and collaborators, it is especially important to know how to structure them.

First, meetings should be scheduled. No matter how often they occur, weekly, bimonthly, monthly, etc., above all, what should be avoided is to have the habit of canceling these scheduled meetings and to transmit to your collaborator that you do not value their time.

Ask for a synopsis of what you would like to talk to your collaborator before having the meeting, doing the same thing with him. When you are assembled turn off your phone, close the door of the office or the room and begin the meeting congratulating your colleague for something that does well.

From that moment on, be interested in their troubles, listen to their concerns and provide feedback and ideas on how you could solve those problems, always with a positive tone and using affirmative words.

Never forget to close the meeting with a thank-you note.


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