Why Entrepreneurs Need a Mentor


Entrepreneurs can often find themselves lost in their journey as a business owner. As the challenges advance and become more technical, it can be easy to lose confidence and make costly mistakes. Future Generation Marketing, an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Manchester, is confident that everyone can benefit from a mentor, so the firm offers an open-door policy to their managerial team, for clients and contractors alike. They are sure that by creating easy access to knowledge, support and experience they can accelerate personal development throughout the business.

Their top 3 reasons to secure a mentor are:

  1. You’ll avoid the common pitfalls. Sourcing an experienced coach allows up and coming entrepreneurs to gain advantage from experience of overcoming or avoiding obstacles. In business, such events can prove costly to time, resource and reputation. An experienced mentor can often offer foresight into business decisions and educate their mentee on why an action should or should not take place.
  2. They’ll help you make connections. By forging a relationship with an experienced business man or woman it, in turn, allows you to connect indirectly to their extensive contacts. An expansive network can open opportunities that may not necessarily have arisen without the connecting mentor.
  3. You’ll be more effective. Social entrepreneur’s success will be determined by their ability to forge business relationships. Effective leadership is a must to build confidence in teams and services delivered. Mentors offer different perspectives on leadership that may produce better results and enhance team culture within a firm.



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