What Travel Can Teach You About Success


Travelling provides ample opportunity for growth and development and something they believe is a key factor of success.

In the final quarter of 2016, Hunter Bailey, a sales and marketing firm based in Sydney Australia, focussed on these travel opportunities, and the first one found them on a road trip from Sydney to Melbourne to test out a new campaign for a client. Although this was travelling for business, the trip allowed for the contractors to understand how such campaigns have alternate effects in different areas.

The second trip of the quarter found the firm taking a flight to sunny New Zealand, Queenstown to be exact, for their annual company retreat. The firm’s retreat is to reward and recognise the success that has been achieved for the year, and what better way to celebrate than with those who made it possible. Hunter Bailey explains that there are several reasons that she believes travel is key to building experience and success.

Independence means making choices and living with any outcomes, both positive and negative. By developing a sense of independence, people can stick by their choices, and make decisions based on what they want, not what others are suggesting. Those who are not independent are always subject to other authority and do exactly what they are told to do at all times without being able to think for themselves.

For the times when things get tough, being self-sufficient is a valuable trait. Travelling involves a lot of self-reliance and developing the skill to not depend on others for basic needs is something that all entrepreneurs need. Those who do not have this trait will rely on others to do things for them wherever possible.

Staying in a comfort zone restricts people on what they can and cannot experience in life. It is vital for people to be curious about the outside world and things that they are yet to experience. This trait means someone has a strong desire to learn and discover something new wherever possible. Anyone who isn’t curious about life will struggle to experience entrepreneurial success as curiosity is a key aspect.

Anyone that is grateful is warmly and genuinely appreciative towards things in life. They appreciate all that they have, and travelling is something that makes a person not only appreciative of the belongings that they have but allows them to develop a deeper sense of gratitude. The appreciate the world around them, and entrepreneurs need to understand what they have to continue driving towards greater success.

These four traits are best adopted through travelling as much as possible and are also vital to building experience. Their travel opportunities and their business development opportunity provide contractors with the skills, knowledge, experience and traits they will need to achieve their own future success.


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