Want to Take Your Business Forward? Focus on Motivating People


For businesses to accelerate their success, it is important to keep employees or contractors fully engaged with their day to day duties. Imperial Marketing Concepts, a successful sales and marketing firm, is confident that personal motivation will lead to organizational success. Many leaders are falling short on being able to maintain motivation within their teams, and are inadvertently putting the brakes on the business’ overall ability to develop. Imperial Marketing Concepts are proud of their company culture and their commitment to individual motivation within their organization. Their ethos is around treating each of their contractors as an individual, understanding their personal motivators and ensuring those are being achieved throughout their career with the firm.

So, they share their tips on boosting motivation in the workplace:

Expressing gratitude to them – It is important to notice when people are going above and beyond their expected duties to better the businesses opportunities. Individuals who can identify these acts the need to offer a reward through recognition or a gesture that matches personal motivators.

Talking to them – When employees start to disengage it is important to figure out why. By doing so in a caring manner, it will offer a truer insight into why they are becoming less motivated. Leaders should strive to keep workloads challenging; this could at times mean switching around duties and departments to keep focus active.

Sharing their accomplishments – People like to feel valued within an organization, leaders should make efforts to highlight their strengths and pinpoint times when their input has been critical to success, regardless of how big or small their perceived role may be.

Showing them the bigger picture –
By developing an understanding of the company’s movements and plans it creates a purpose to their daily activities. By identifying a path, people can spot opportunities for them to progress or develop skill sets to improve their future careers personally.

Focusing on accountability –
Getting employees involved in business activities is a great way to ensure they are engaged. By lending responsibility to their tasks, it allows them to promote pride in their work and develop their personal brand within an organization.



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