Teleworking as an option has increased from 30% to 80% of offers in the technology sector


Teleworking increased threefold during the pandemic, but a year later the percentage of people working remotely full time has dropped dramatically. The return to the office is being a constant, but there is also data showing that the telework option has multiplied despite the return to “normality”, at least in the technical sector and with strong technological base, such as the jobs published on the Hacker News platform.

Through Rinzewind we see a study, published on Github, which analyzes the offers of this platform and compares over time how the percentage of offers offering telecommuting has grown. The result is quite clear, while in the period from 2017 to 2020 the offers with telecommuting were between 30% and 40%, in a year and a half they have gone on to reach 80%.

To perform this calculation, a script has been generated in R that takes into account the entries in the ‘Who’s hiring’ categorization, in reference to the companies that are hiring. As the author explains, the graph is an approximation, since there may be entries that are not real offers. That said, the author also explains that some offers that do offer telecommuting are not included because the word “remote” does not appear as directly.

Percentaje of jobs including telework
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This is an example of a specific industry. Hacker News is closely related to the world of IT and programming, but the result is clear enough to observe the trend that nowadays, telecommuting has become essential for this sector.

It remains to be seen whether this is a passing trend that will diminish as the months go by or whether it is a change that has come to significantly change an entire sector.

According to a survey of more than 10,000 workers in different countries, while 44% of managers want to return to the office every day, only 17% of employees prefer this option. A percentage that could be even lower in the technology sector, according to trends observed on platforms such as Hacker News.



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