Increase in salary or better work-life balance? What employees ask their companies for 2019


The last days of this year arrive and, as usual, the workers prepare a list with the objectives and best wishes for the New Year, with the hope that this year is better than the previous one. And many of them have to do, in many cases, with work life and professional performance; somehow a professional kind of new year resolutions.

By 2019, workers prefer a salary increase to a better work-life balance. This is the result, at least, of the survey ‘What would you ask for your company in the new year?’ where it is clear that more than six out of ten will ask your company for a salary increase (61%), a percentage higher than labor work-life balance measures such as teleworking, whose percentage drops to 35.4%.

However, there are differences regarding sexes. Women value work-life balance more than men (36% of them compared to 30% of them). For age brackets, people between the ages of 26 and 35 prefer work-life balance measures than other age brackets.

Other measures that employees ask for are changes of function within the company (14%), more vacations (11.1%) and 5.9% a change of boss. On the other hand, almost 63% of respondents say that the worst news they could give them in 2019 is a reduction in their salary, a figure significantly higher than in previous years.

But, what do the workers think of a possible salary increase? Almost 25% think their salary will rise the same as the CPI, while only 10% believe that it will rise generously. 54% of respondents would ask for a raise based on the company’s objectives if they could negotiate their salary.

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