Top-5 educational startups of 2018


While the year 2018 is gaining momentum, there’s a number of educational startups that can blow the brain and leave you absolutely inspired! This article describes top-5 educational startups that you shouldn’t miss!


Remember tossing a coin to take a difficult decision? Well, that’s already an outdated option, since Delphia is developing AI tools to facilitate complex decision making.

Unsure which major to choose? Ask Delphia!

As explained by Andrew Peek, Delphia’s operating officer, the system is trained to make recommendations based on survey data collected from recent university graduates. To a greater extent, Delphia’s recommendation is a mathematical solution that is likely to fit your demands. But the best thing about the startup is that whenever you aren’t happy with the recommendation, you let Delphia know this, and the system with recalibrating the suggestion.


Edwin’s AI-powered language tutor is another startup that will turn your life upside down (in a good sense, of course). According to Dmitry Stavisky, Edwin’s startup is a response to customers claiming there are no decent solutions for foreign students who want to learn English for tests like the TOEFL.

So, how it works? Pretty simple! All you have to do is to sign in Facebook Messenger and respond to a series of questions so that the system determines your current level of English. Later on, you engage in an intensive language course that takes 1 to 3 months to learn the language.

The training course is normally priced $250. But an early access price is $50. Moreover, Edwin offers a free vocabulary course so you can learn up to 20 new words a day!


I’m firmly convinced that M2TALENT is the best educational startup of the year! In a nutshell, it is a transformative digital tool for matching a job seeker’s potential for the job market’s requirements!

High school and university students are strongly recommended to use it as a career-planning tool. With M2TALENT, you’ll find yourself equipped with the knowledge and experience to compete in the job market!

Homework Lab

Homework Lab is a online academic task-sharing platform, where students, tutors, and subject professionals collaborate together to resolve a long-lasting problem — inefficiency of the education system. According to surveys, college students spend at least 17 hours weekly on their homework, which pretty compares to a part-time employment. However, given time expense on in-campus activities, higher education transforms into a full-fledged equivalent of a full-time job — where you pay for the time you spend!

College and school tutors, as well as tertiary education graduates, face another problem — depreciation of their work and talent. According to another statistics summary, a tutor with a Masters or even higher degree can expect on a salary between $20,000 and $75,000 at max, which depends on the position. Even with such a pay gap, many tutors complain about their inability to make sure that their students acquire all the needed competencies. On the other hand, many University graduates with degrees often find themselves unemployed for some time, with no ability to apply their academic and research skills.

Homework Lab startup attempts to resolve the problems of students and tutors by creating a platform where students can share their tasks and get help from anonymous but verified tutors. Besides of homework help per se, Homework Lab offers a task management system, to make sure that time expenses are optimized and deadlines are met. The experimental model of cooperation met expectations of Homework Lab founders — with only a little commercial advertising, the platform acquires more students who seek help and more willing to work tutors via the word-of-mouth.


SharpestMinds is an online community for undergraduate and graduate students studying AI and machine learning. But in a broader sense, it’s the space where you can show your talents and, eventually, get a dream job!

Since all ingenious is simple, it won’t take you long to understand how things work at the SharpestMinds. The first step is to apply and take a quiz. And if you score well, you’re welcome to undergo a technical interview, coding test, and submit an application project. So, your dream job is just three steps away!

According to the website data, 60 members of the SharpestMinds have been placed to work with different companies.



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