Mobile sales fall year on year despite strong numbers from brands such as Apple


Counterpoint Research has shared the results of global mobile sales during Q3 2021, confirming a downward trend in smartphone shipments year-over-year, albeit with higher profits thanks to a focus on high-end handsets.

Specifically, smartphone sales have fallen by as much as 6% compared to the same period last year, with a total of 342 million units sold during Q3 2021. According to the aforementioned portal, shipments declined because of semiconductor shortages. However, the low trend in handset purchases has been a trend since 2017, where a total of 400 million units were shipped. In 2018, this figure dropped to 379 million smartphones, and despite 2019 reflecting a slight rise, the pandemic year reaffirmed the downward trend.

Revenue from mobile sales, however, have risen to $100 billion – a record figure – thanks to the high shipment of high-end terminals, which boast a higher profit margin compared to mid-range smartphones. Premium models, moreover, have a longer lifespan thanks to their high performance. Therefore, the low trend in mobile shipments could be related to the high demand for high-end smartphones. Apple, for example, is one of the few manufacturers that can boast a higher number of smartphones year after year, according to the study published last week.

Apple continues to triumph, Huawei continues to fall.

In fact, the Cupertino company ranks second in mobile sales during Q3 2021 thanks to the launch of the new iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and the 2020 iPhone SE. Just below Samsung. Specifically, and according to Counterpoint, Apple sold 48 million units, up 15% compared to the same period last year.

Xiaomi remains the third company that sold the most smartphones, despite a slight year-on-year drop of 5% in mobile sales. Oppo, however, grew 23% more than in the same quarter last year.

Huawei has shown a significant drop. The Chinese manufacturer, which continues to suffer from US restrictions, as well as serious supply problems due to the shortage of semiconductors, has barely managed to sell 5.8 million units, 84 % less than in the same period of the previous year. Honor’s rescue, on the other hand, seems to be paying off. At least, in China, where its shipments increased by 73 % during Q3 2021.



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