LinkedIn lays off nearly 1,000 workers worldwide


The social network focused on the world of work LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft, will dismiss 960 people in the coming months worldwide, equivalent to 6% of its workforce, due to the impact of the crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a letter sent to employees by the CEO, Ryan Roslanski, and published on the social network, the company has acknowledged that it is “not immune” to the effects of the pandemic, as companies need to hire fewer people than they did just a few months ago.



The firm’s top executive has specified that layoffs will take place in the sales and “talent acquisition” divisions due to both the Covid situation and changes in the way we work with clients.

LinkedIn has not broken down how many workers will be affected in each country, but has warned that employees who will be laid off in North America, Brazil and Asia-Pacific will be notified within the next 24 hours and will remain with the company until August 21. Workers in Dubai will also be notified between today and tomorrow, although their contract will end on September 29.

In the UK, Ireland and Australia a consultation process has been launched to find out how many jobs might be affected, so there is no date yet for their departure from the company.

Workers in France, Sweden and Spain will be notified in August, while those based in Italy will be notified in September.

The company has explained that in the United States it will continue to provide medical coverage to laid-off workers for 12 months, while in other countries support will be reduced to six months through personalized plans or cash equivalent payments. LinkedIn has also set up a six-month programme to help its workers find jobs through personalised advice, workshops and training courses.

Dismissed employees will be able to keep their company cell phones, laptops and all recently purchased equipment to help them work from home, so that they have “the tools to help them in their job transition,” the firm said.


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