Dear Internet, thank you for the countless opportunities you have given us


Anyone can be a trader (Amazon)
Anyone can be a taxi driver (Cabify , Uber)
Anyone can be a journalist (Twitter)
Anyone can be a graphic designer (Canva)
Anyone can be an investor (Kickstarter)
Anyone can create movies (
Anyone can be a programmer and create a website (
Anyone can own a hotel (Airbnb)
Anyone can learn (Wikipedia)
Anyone can be famous (Instagram)
Anyone can be a singer (SoundCloud)
Anyone can be a radio broadcaster “podcasts” (Spotify)

We live in the greatest era of technology and opportunity for all, take advantage of technology, or take advantage to reinvent yourself.

Although, of course, there are things beyond the Internet, not everyone can generate wealth and provide employment, that is reserved for all those professionals who, apart from tools and knowledge, have a great capacity for effort.


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