Circles in the parks and social distance, that’s how New York prepares for summer


New York, the world’s most coronavirus-ridden city, is already enjoying springtime temperatures and is beginning to test the rules that will govern the lives of its citizens this summer. Still one of the world’s hot spots for the pandemic, with more than 194,000 infections and nearly 16,000 deaths recorded, it is beginning to see its hospitals and morgues decongest…

Citizens are starting to take to the streets, also pushed by the high temperatures, but local authorities are remaining alert. The mayor, Bill de Blasio, has refused to reopen the schools, and he and his team are insisting on caution. Social distancing is one of his most repeated requests, and he has insisted that security forces be vigilant to avoid crowding in parks and squares, which New Yorkers frequent so much, especially on weekends.

Circles in New York park


Visitors seem to have welcomed the initiative, and it is widely respected. Moreover, the circles are wide enough to accommodate a family or a group of friends, and are separated by two meters, so there is no doubt about the safety distance. In this way it is possible to socialize and avoid the risks of a new outbreak of covid-19, the big nightmare of the Big Apple after the last two months of tragedy.

Therefore, until further notice, New York’s parks will maintain the circles, which its inhabitants have begun to call “human parking spaces”.


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