How to maintain productivity by working from home?


Productivity is a matter of habit. That’s why getting out of our usual office or job routine and starting to work at home is a problem in itself. We have left our environment and it is harder for us to get going, to concentrate, but also to disconnect. And this is a problem in the medium term.

The first thing we have to do is create our own routine, each one adapted to its own possibilities:

  • Set a schedule, which in most companies is stipulated but in others is left more free. The ideal is to do the same as we would do if we went to our workplace. Then for reasons of conciliation, if we have to look after children, we can adapt it in some way. By bringing the entrance forward and delaying the exit so that we can leave more time in the central hours of the day for their care. Be careful, this must be agreed with the company. The ideal is to stick to the same regular working hours, if it is from 9 to 6, with a break of one hour for lunch, as it is maintained.
  • Maintain the routine before work. If we get up at an hour, we continue doing the same, shower, breakfast and dress to go out. We should do some light exercise for the same time that we dedicated to the displacement. Here we should incorporate some simple routines that activate us physically before sitting in front of a chair for eight hours.
  • Use a task manager where you can write down what you have to do, prioritize the tasks and organize the time. For personal use I recommend using Pomodoro. Once we get the hang of it it is very effective for home.
  • Work your concentration and take just one task at once. Don’t jump from one thing to another. Plan, execute, and move on to the next.
Home office
What can we do to maintain productivity if we are forced to work from home for our company?


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