Tokyo Game Show 2020 to go digital because of coronavirus


It’s been an atypical year in the video game industry because of the coronavirus pandemic. The disease has caused the delay of many games or the cancellation of some of the most important events, which has led in some cases to opt for a digital format, which is exactly what will happen with the Tokyo Game Show 2020.

Tokio Game Show 2020 cancelled


This is what the Computer Entertainment Supplier Association (CESA), the company in charge of organizing the popular Japanese event that takes place annually, has made known. Therefore, it will not be possible to attend this year’s edition in person and the intention is that it will be broadcast in digital format so that nobody misses the announcements that will take place.

The statement provided indicates that the situation remains very unpredictable in Japan, so this decision has been taken after lengthy consideration in order to give the highest priority to the health and safety of all attendees and exhibitors.

Further details on exactly how the event will be will be provided later this month. The Tokyo Game Show 2020 was originally scheduled to take place between September 24th and 27th, so we will find out in the next few days whether the date will be maintained or changed to a different one.


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