Dividers, protective screens and maximum hygiene: this is how offices are transformed


For years we have been committed to open spaces in the office, to teamwork, to communication and permanent visual contact, to the connection that favours creativity, to coworking… Years of removing partitions to give more versatility to workplaces and it seemed like an excellent idea because it improved the work climate and the level of productivity, until the SARS-CoV-2 arrived and changed everything.

In a short time, this infamous coronavirus has forced us to turn our lives around. Because of it we have had to lock ourselves up at home to telework and maintain social distance with colleagues, friends and even family. Almost two months later, it seems that we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but there is still a long way to go before we can return to normal. To begin with, in order to recover the activity in person, workplaces have to adapt and companies specializing in office furniture are trying to offer solutions.

Business adaptation to new normalcy

Health risks require extreme precautions and the maintenance of an interpersonal distance that minimizes the risk of contagion. In that sense, protective screens allow to reduce that distance to allow transactions in shops and offices while maintaining security.

In addition to the screens and everything to do with hygiene, cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, among the best-selling items for the opening, and return to activity, of offices and businesses this week are: the contactless IR thermometers.

Companies and public spaces are betting on the use of thermographic cameras, a technology that allows the measurement of temperature at a distance without physical contact and that is already being used to detect people with fever. Until now, these devices had been used mainly for the prevention of forest fires or in industrial environments, but now their use is becoming popular to detect possible COVID-19 infections that present the first symptoms.

Thermographic cameras are capable of measuring temperature, using technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Systems of this type created by Hikvision allow, for example, an accuracy of up to 0.3 degrees Celsius. AI is capable of delimiting the measurement area to human bodies, excluding other sources of heat that could constitute false alarms, and providing the data in real time.

Infrared cam


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