U.S. exceeds 40,000 deaths from coronavirus amid pressure to start reopening the country’s economy


The U.S. reached 40,461 deaths from coronavirus this Sunday as states like Texas prepare to implement the first measures to allow them to move gradually towards reopening activities after the confinement ordered by the governors to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

According to records released by John Hopkins University, 755,533 people have contracted COVID-19 in the United States, the country currently most affected by the disease.

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As contagion statistics advance, some states have begun to favor softening measures to ensure social distancing, including closing non-essential facilities and restricting travel.

The return to normalcy has been controversial in the United States, as conservative groups have called for demonstrations in different parts of the country against the quarantine and claiming their right to freedom, while the governors of the states most affected have been cautious about this possibility.


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