8 tiny changes that will make your home a happier place


Most people believe that creating a happy implies having fun in the house all day long. While fun is great, it is a temporary fix for a permanent need. Happy homes are not the result of superficial emotionalism but rather a constant supply of stimuli that produce positive feelings, memories, and attitudes.

Fortunately, making a happy home does not require a lot of financial investment. Just a few tweaks and tricks will do the magic. Here are proven tiny changes that will make your residence a home in the most real sense of the name.

Keep It Clean and Organised

If you find hotel rooms more welcoming than your place then, you are probably living in a cluttered space. Some people subconsciously become stressed when they enter a disorganised home. The process of making the home tidy will make you feel good about yourself.

Spread Your Bed

Most people consider the bedroom a sacred area and should be as neat as possible. To others, it is where they go for an escape from the clutter and noise outside. Therefore, you can start by keeping your bedroom tidy. However, this technique might not work for the rare species of humans who find peace in disorder. They will be happier with an unkempt bedroom. Fortunately, they are scarce.

Display Positive Images

People hang the “Desiderata” on their living rooms for a reason; it shows them a purpose that they are happy to fulfil daily. Hanging beautiful pictures in the room also provides an escape from the gloomy thoughts that usually flood the mind.

Have a Gratitude Dry Erase Board

Most people have a journal where, if it were possible, they would immortalise their feelings and experiences. You can make it a family thing by having a dry erase board. Here you can encourage members of your family to write down one thing they are grateful for each day. Like the beautiful images, this will keep you happy through the dark parts of life.

Add Items of Sentimental Value

Items that bring to mind positive memories such as photographs of loved ones, or memorable moments add joy to the home. Keeping in mind the happy moments in the past and meaningful relationships provides a sense of comfort.

Add Some Scents

Scents can be therapeutic in the home. Candles, simmering pots, room sprays, and incenses that are calming and nostalgic are great for the lifting of moods in the house. Familiar happy-home scents are citrus, lavender, fresh grass, and pine.

Use Proper Lighting Scheme

Light levels play a crucial role in the mood of the home. A warm light source is good for the living room. Open the windows during the day to let in daylight. Opt for glazed external doors for rooms that do not receive a sufficient supply of sunlight. Manufactures such as Todd Doors provide frosted glass doors that will allow adequate light through without compromising privacy.

Play Music

Music can be a powerful tool for uplifting moods. You can use it to calm your nerves. Some people find doing home chores more fulfilling when music is playing in the background than when there is a pin drop silence in the home. You can as well play music to bring back the memories of the good old days.


It will be presumptuous to claim that this list is exhaustive. Nonetheless, it provides the essential starting points for a more happy and welcoming home. Do you have another idea? Try it. If it works, improve it, otherwise, you will never regret trying to make your home better.


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