A successful trader has a boring routine


If you have watched the movie ”The Hitman’s bodyguard”, you may have remembered the dialogue what Reynolds would always say, “Boring is always the best”. Even in the world of currency trading, where traders are playing with their money and the prices are going up and down, this saying is true. You will never find one successful trade that was not boring. It was going up smoothly and then the trade was closed with a profit. The professional traders sleep when they are trading because they expect a boring trend of the market. The direction of the prices will go in their favor and they do not expect an adventure. You will find thrilling experience only is lost trades. It is because the trends will go against you as soon you have placed the trades, your tension will rise high, the volatility will hit the market and give some changes, news will appear and the price will fall down or go up and it will all give an experience of riding on a bumpy road with your skateboard. If you want to make money, always pray that you will get a boring trend. It will not make any unwanted moves and you will get your expected profit.

Many people think the professional traders are always staring at their monitor to find great trades. They simply don’t understand the fact trading has nothing to do with such a monitoring process. You need to look at your chart at a specific time. Never think you will become a Forex millionaire by overtrading the market. To be honest, the trading routine of the professional traders are extremely boring. They barely execute trades in the market since they know few good trades is enough to ensure the decent growth of their trading balance.

Don’t push yourself too hard

Becoming a profitable trader is not an easy task. You can’t gain enough experience about retail trading business within a day or week. You have to follow the basic rules of investment and trade the market with discipline. Even after losing the trade, you have to wait in the sideline and wait for your next potential trade setup. But many novice traders push themselves too hard to master the art of trading. They read books and articles all day long to learn more about this market. But this is not going to work in the professional trading industry. You need to gain experience over the period of time. Stop pushing yourself hard as it will increase your risk exposure.

Live like a king

You need to live like a king. But to do so, you must secure your financial freedom. This where the term CFD trading industry comes into action. Reputed brokers like Saxo is offering high leverage trading accounts which eventually allows the retail traders to make a decent profit even with a small investment. Never create stress upon your subconscious mind to make a big profit. Trading is one of the most sophisticated investment business. You will never be able to earn huge money without following the systemic method in the Forex market.

If you can truly master the art of currency trading, you will never have to worry about your financial freedom. You can easily do whatever you like. Most importantly you will have a bright future and you can easily support your loved ones. But to be king of Forex trading industry, you must think like the professional trader. Stop listening to your emotions or the herd in retail trading industry. Develop your trading based on trial and error. Use the demo trading account as long as you want but find a way to limit your risk exposure. Most importantly your strategy should have the potential to recover small losses in a very efficient way.

The trends and volatilities show no exception

You have done your homework and the result turned out to your expectation. You knew how the volatility was going to move and the direction of the prices and it becomes boring to you. If you cannot find this boring concept after trading for months, we have to tell you that you are not trading in the right way. The live trends and volatility are not going after your strategy. When you have the right plan, you will they are going as planned and you will get bored in Forex.

Can I not make my trading interesting?

If you understand one sentence more, you can make your trade boring. We have not told you that boring is the only outcome as it does not happen always. You will be glad to know that most people have chilling experience on the market. It is expected when you place live trades with your money but the trend changes. Only a few people have the nerve to stay cool and exit the trades without losing the investment. If you want to make your trading experience interesting, simply trade with a hunch. You will find how hell looks like and what the colors are. All your money will be lost and you will have the time of your life. Always remember the probability factors of the Forex market. Never risk any real money unless you have a financial backup for six months. At the initial stage focus on your education and practice hard with a demo account. Once you feel confident, start to trade like the experts.

Becoming a profitable trader in the Forex market is a very challenging task. Most people don’t know trading is one of the most sophisticated professions in the investment industry. Your emotions should never play an active role in making the big decision in the trading industry. And when you pull out the human emotion from a certain activity, things become really boring. So, it’s very obvious, you will have a boring trading routine. In fact, this will allow you to spend more time with your family members. So consider the boring trading routine as blessings.


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