Bitcoin mining already consumes 1% of world electricity


One of the biggest controversies of the original cryptocurrency is its broad consumption of electrical energy. These days, the electricity consumption of the entire Bitcoin mining network worldwide is equivalent to 1% of electricity consumption worldwide, an overwhelming figure.

This has been calculated by Arvind Narayanan, a scientist from Princeton for the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources of the United States. And it does not matter what happens to make the cryptocurrency more ecological; As the price of the BTC goes up, the network consumption will go up.

Previously, Bitcoin had already been the subject of discussions, since the energy consumption levels of this cryptocurrency have reached very high values, although never as much as now, even though we are not in a period of hysteria as the year past. In addition to energy consumption, we must bear in mind that much of the energy used by Bitcoin is generated through the combustion of coal, one of the most common energy generating methods in many Asian countries (Asians, in general, are more interested in the crypto ecosystem), which generates a lot of greenhouse gases.


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