Mobile data – Getting the best offers in the UK


When looking at the sudden increase in the availability of data in phone contracts, it should come as a surprise to see the correlation with its global share of internet traffic. An increase of 17& in the last 3 years had seen mobile now hold the majority sway in internet usage with 52%. As consumers leave their laptops behind and search, shop and order through their mobiles, service providers are having to keep up with the demand.

Percentage of all global web pages served to mobile phones from 2009 to 2018 – Source

Although Providers know they need to stop being stingy with data, increase data packages and offer the best deals in an increasingly open market, it will not stop them taking advantage of people’s beliefs that they need the largest data deals available, just in case they have a month of streaming videos 24/7 and the current trend of all inclusive roaming that might not be everything it seems!

With mobiles phones now withstanding multiple drops, cracks and years of mistreatment the need to change phone every 2 years is not so necessary, however the lure of the latest improvements is enough to lure people into the newest models. If you are one of these people, here are some steps to take to avoid paying even more than you may do.

Ignore the upgrade offer

These are usually of absolutely no benefit to you as a customer, they frequently try to channel your vision into only their offers and catch you at a time where they try to turn your position of power into weakness. This ‘one time’ deal will most likely be replaced by a very similar or slightly better deal, and will be on offer to new customers too. Ignore the upgrade offer, wait until the end of your contract and call your provider offering to cancel, be strong and reject any small increases they make, as they will save their best offer until just before they complete the cancellation. If they don’t come through with a great deal, then you are in no worse a position you were earlier, and now have complete freedom in selecting your next deal.

Going Sim Free

As the latest model of each brand is released it seems they are playing a game of trying to make it more expensive than the previous competitors in ‘one-up-manship’ that is only hurting the customer. However, for a large percentage of people, potentially blinded by the extortionate pricing by huge marketing budgets, this is a small price to pay for the newest phone. To minimise the long term impact on your bank account, the ability to pay upfront can save you roughly 15% of your overall expenditure.

Don’t be afraid of leaving the Big Names

In a competitive and open market that has seen the number of viable providers almost double in the last 3 years, it would be too easy to ignore the smaller named rivals due to their lack of marketing and advertising. However, this is exactly how they are able to provide users with the same experience as other networks at a better rate. The comparison website Money Pug includes these smaller service providers as well as sites that offer cashback options on contracts to help reduce the cost of making the same deal directly with the provider. Also, as one of fewer customers, it is likely you will receive better services if anything does happen to go awry.

Keep it SIM-ple

Phone still work? Become emotionally attached to it? Don’t care about the latest model and just want the best service? Then head onto the SIM only deals. With the ability to pick and choose you will be astounded at the inclusions of ridiculously cheap plans. A market that is growing year on year due to the longevity of smart phones, this competitive market continues to produce some of the best deals around as the big providers take notice of the work of the smaller providers over the past few years.

All these ideas are aimed at providing you with a healthier bank balance that isn’t fearing the incoming direct debit of your phone bill. There is always more benefit in shopping around, as even if your current provider has the best deal, having a greater knowledge of the market will enable you to make better informed decisions and use that to leverage any potential contracts you sign.


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