Everything you should know about designing your business card


One of the most powerful marketing tools you can ever make use of is your business card. With your business card, you can present an image which is professional and make the right impression with your clients, suppliers, and the other people you meet in relation to your business. The impression you can make with the right business card can never be underestimated, and this is why it’s essential to have a business card that works. So how should you design your business card for it to be truly effective? Let’s find out.

The types of business cards

There are actually different types of business cards, and it pays to know what these types are. The first type is the basic business card, which is often simply printed with the use of black ink superimposed on a cream or white background. This kind of style is quite useful if you want to give the impression of solidity and stability combined with a no-nonsense approach to business. Another type of business card is the picture business card, which, as its name implies, will have your photo or a photo which represents your service or product.

There are also what are known as tactile business cards, and these kinds of cards are often made from a non-traditional material, such as wood or metal, and they may also feature unique edges, shapes, or folds. Multipurpose business cards are another type of business card which serves multiple purposes. For instance, if you have a hotel, you can print a map of the hotel on the back of the business card so potential clients will know where you are located. You may also want to consider an out-of-the-box business card, which can be quite fanciful and original – think of a business card made from chocolate, a card that can be folded into a mini-box, and the like.

The most important considerations

When it comes to selecting a business card for your company, there are some important considerations as well. One of these is the finish of the card. There are 3 basic types of finishes, which are smooth, laid, and linen. Of these three, smooth is the most commonly used. Another factor is colour. Most business cards go for the two-colour look, although there can be a lot of standard or basic colours from which you can choose. A good printer such as the printers in Stockport from Harveyboard Print & Digital can present you with a host of colour choices. The third important consideration is quantity. It makes more sense to have more business cards printed since the cost of a bulk order will give you more value for your money compared to having just a few cards printed.

The most important details

All business cards contain pertinent and relevant details about yourself and your company. When you give out a business card, you want potential clients and customers to contact you, and how can they contact you if your card doesn’t have the right information? The right information – the standard information for every business card – includes essentials such as your name, your title, the name of your company, your company address and telephone number, your email address, and your company website.


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