Plastic planters you’ll love in your office


Today, indoor flowers are used in the design of any working space. They give a great mood with their beauty. In a room, where there are many colors, you can breathe easier. Flower pots are an element of the interior that can accentuate the beauty of indoor plants, support and supplement the basic colors of the room. Modern manufacturers offer a huge selection of planters, but one of the best and modern pots you can find on the site A variety of color shades and shapes, modern innovations and additions, bright and stylish design – site offers this for its customers. All models are easy to use; you can just wash it with a soap or cleanser.

In this online store, you will be able to find not only a variety of forms of plastic plant pots, but also modern interesting additions to get the plastic planters you’ll love:

  • Planters with automatic watering system. It is a pot and ornamental flowerpot in one set. In the pot, there is a special hole for watering and an indicator of the fullness of water. You add water and the ground absorbs the required amount when it becomes dry. Such pots provide an opportunity to go on vacation and add water once a month or rarely.
  • Medicinal pots. The specificity of this planter is that its bottom the shape of bending inwards. There are special holes for water drainage and holes for air circulation. The roots of the plant breathe and such pot does not require an additional drainage layer. This is the best solution for the most delicate and whimsical flowers.
  • Luminescent pots. Modern technologies allow the use of plastic planters as additional lighting or make them glow brightly in the dark. If your flower needs additional light, then this plastic pot will give it to him. The light is not bright, but it’s enough for a flower. In addition, the light from the lamp can be used as a night lamp, so you can easily move in the room at night.

Plastic pots are great for any interior and color, especially for very large plants that stand on the floor. The plastic planters are considerably lighter than the ceramic ones, so it will be easy for you to move it if you need.

The main features of the choice of plastic plant pots:

  • A flower pot should have a saucer so that water does not drip onto the floor, and a large drainage hole for draining excess water.
  • The planter should be of necessary size, it can contain drainage and a large amount of substrate or ground, for a good development of the root system.
  • The color of the pot should not be brighter than the color of the plant, then the flower or composition will look beautiful and harmonious.

Plastic pots can be not only for flowers, but also for seedlings. This is called cassettes for seedlings – it is a special plastic planter that contains a certain number of small cells for sowing seeds. There are cassettes with different number and size of cells, the shape of the cells is also different. Such plastic pots can be used many times – they are durable, do not break and do not crack. After the season of seedlings, you can use them for temporary transplantation of indoor plants. They are easily cleaned and compactly folded one into one.

Your flower deserves a beautiful and modern pot, so plastic is the best solution. Now, technologies allow the use of plastic not only as material directly for the pot, but also for creating pots from them. Thanks to technical success and the work of designers, plastic pots have turned from ordinary vessels into real works of art. Due to the plasticity of the material, such pots have a rich variety of shapes, sizes and colors.


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