Bulk mobile recycling for businesses


Inappropriately disposed cell phones are perilous to the environment and us. Over the years, green enthusiasts and organisations have continually pressed for environmental conservation, with phone recycling being one of the major issues. Human beings  throw away millions of mobile phones every year, in pursuit of devices with better technology.


Cell phone coatings usually contain harmful elements with adverse, long-term effects. Toxic substances in mobile phones are:

  • Lead found in circuit boards and batteries can cause severe damage to the reproductive, nervous and blood systems in our bodies.
  • Arsenic in microchips, high doses of arsenic are fatal to humans. The Even low-level vulnerability can result in liver, skin, respiratory and nervous systems.
  • Chlorine makes a percentage of the plastic used to make mobile phones. When irresponsibly disposed of, chlorine can damage human tissues and cell structure.
  • Mercury. Although some mobile phone providers are working to stop using mercury in their devices entirely, there is still a significant number of phones with mercury. Found in crystal displays, batteries and circuit boards, mercury can catalyse brain and kidney diseases.
  • Cadmium. Used in building cells, Cadmium has been linked to issues in learning, cognition, behavior, neuromotor skills and kidney diseases.

Fortunately, some companies have made it their business to help people recycle their mobile phones. All you have to do is type – sell my mobile on your browser, to find a mobile recycling company. Apple is one of those, green-conscious firms that accept ruined or old iPhones, iPads, Mac and iPods. For trading in your old cell, you are credited with a specific amount to help you purchase your next phone. Since EcoATM (the first recycling canteen) was established in 2008, more and more companies have come up, to provide mobile-phone recycling services to businesses and individuals. You can even sell it on Amazon.

Businesses are also adopting mobile phone recycling. It is a way of protecting the earth from toxic phthalates found in mobile phones and saving resources and reducing wastage. It is important that more companies and organisations turn to bulk cell phone recycling if they want to minimise replacement costs and conserve the environment. Sadly, despite the various laws, campaigns and advertisements on mobile recycling, not all companies have adopted the program.

Importance of bulk mobile phone recycling in business

If your business has not yet embraced mobile phone recycling, it is time to ‘pull up your socks’ because you have nothing to lose. In fact, there are other important reasons why your business should do bulk mobile phone recycling.

Business managers sometimes face a dilemma when it comes to balancing profits and conservativeness. For example, deciding to close a particular lab/factory or funding its renovation, due to its harmful emissions (you want to save the environment, but it will cost you millions). However, recycling mobile phones is so easy, that anyone can do it.

It is economic

Businesses that do bulk mobile phone recycling can cut on costs. Firstly, by selling your cell phones to recycling companies, you get paid. While throwing the cellphone in the garbage will earn you zero, recycling will help you save some money and put it back in the business. Secondly, the more electronic waste you have from your business, the more you are required to pay at the landfill or waste management companies.

Corporate social responsibility

Business is more successful if it is environmentally or socially conscious. Bulk recycling in business is a way of preventing piles of toxic waste products, thus upholding social and environmental obligations. By recycling cell phones, we save energy, and the benefits reach the community. For example, it is possible that recycling just ten cell phones could save enough energy to light a 20-watt low energy efficient bulb for a day.

In conclusion, bulk mobile recycling is a program that all businesses should consider. It comes with significant economic advantages and also protects the environment.If you have no idea where to start, just type – sell my mobile on Google. You will receive options.


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  2. Not only does recycling certain metals cut costs but it also helps reduce pollution in the environment. The recycling can probably be used on tax returns as well. Overall it is a good idea to recycle when you can.


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