Family friendly trading for beginners


The idea of trading often pops up in our minds more often that we let whenever we are thinking of our future. However, with families, it becomes a bit hectic and somewhat an uphill task to even begin trading. More so because there is hardly enough money to set aside for investing in lucrative ventures such as online trading through reputable firms such as CMC markets after we have settled the bills and bought a few things for the house. What’s more, thinking of our families often strips us off of the energy to deal with the hugely liquid market. Here are some family friendly trading tips for beginners.

Choose long term trading options

Since you are a beginner at trading and things are a bit all too new to you, you should consider preserving your capital rather than focusing on growing it. This is because as a new trader you want to minimise as much risk as you can rather than looking at the profits that you stand to gain. Frankly, most traders who have ended up successful over the years have only managed to earn more money from long term trends which require patience and modesty in trading volume.

Stick to a simple trading strategy

As a beginner, there is going to be an urge to involve yourself in the most sophisticated strategies. You might even be faced with the temptation of overloading your charts with complex indicators that might not augur well with your trading efforts. Therefore, since not all strategies might work in your favour, it is best to stick to keeping it as simple as possibly can before you can get the hang of it. Bear in mind that it is not always about the number of tools at your disposal but about how well you can make use of the few tools you have at hand.

Learn all the ropes

Technical and fundamental analysis are some of the trading ropes that you need to ensure you have mastered well to be able to gain an edge in trading. This is because you will ultimately need to have an understanding of technical analysis in order to understand what your main tools are. Fundamental analysis, on the other hand, helps you gain an understanding of how external factors affect the trading ecosystem.

Tread carefully in volatile markets

Although volatility keeps your trading activity moving, if you are not careful it could be very well be the reason for the complete and utter destruction of your trading activity as well. It is, therefore, important for you to incorporate volatility analysis into your strategy as well as accept the possibility of anything happening to negate your laid out strategies.

Trends should be your closest allies

Whether you are an expert or a beginner in trading, one thing is for sure. You are better off trading with what you can see rather than assumptions. For instance, you might think that since the dollar has been overvalued for far too long, that remains the status quo and decide to short. Although the odds may be in your favour at that particular moment, it is quite likely that you could also be wrong. To be sure that you are trading in the right manner, therefore, it is best to find out the trends that are currently in play.

Ensure that you are legally protected as you trade

Although trading is usually legally regulated, there is still need for beginners to be cautious before investing in the trading markets. They can do so by checking whether:

  • Client funds are segregated to ensure their money is not used by their brokers.
  • There is a financial service compensation scheme if the broker or bank goes bankrupt.
  • There is an efficient customer inquiry and complaints procedure.

In as much as trading may be hectic and nerve-racking, it is pretty easy, and you can engage in family friendly trading that will suit you. You do not have to abandon your family to engage in one, you need to exploit the family friendly trading while you are still at the comfort of your family.


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