CEO of Uber: one of the most hard jobs in the world


A little more than two months ago, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was forced to resign. What initially had the pretext of a temporary exit with the aim of calming the spirits inside the company, – the announcement coincided with the results of the investigation on sexual harassment that had been solving since practically beginning of year – has finished becoming In something absolutely permanent. However, the board that decided the departure of its leader clarified that its exit in no way would be temporary; Was a final and fully binding decision.

Once the resignation was issued, all the pools pointed to the same person: the co-founder of Uber. Garrett Camp, always in the shade making technical decisions, was positioned as one of the possible with more options. These did not last long when the board announced that, for at least a few months, they would be in charge of taking the reins of technology. Although the truth is that quite possibly, before choosing a new leader Uber had to solve the problems of the board that continue without letting go the former CEO.

Rumors suggest that the process, after two long months, could be nearing completion and in two weeks or less, the new charge could be announced. And it says that the former CEO of General Electric, one of the most popular companies in the United States, could have all the options.

Immelt has extensive experience in crisis management issues, something that Uber has to deal with almost every day. Following the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the effects of the crisis on GE and its linkage to junk mortgages in the United States, Immelt’s role was essential to GE’s survival.

Now it is only to wait for the most convulsive board of the technological panorama of the moment to agree.


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