How Leasing Office Equipment Helps Boost Business in Oxford


Various factors boost Oxford business to the extent that Oxford is fast improving as a place to work, and the economy is fast-growing, too. Oxford University is one prime source of economic support. Studies show it puts almost £6 billion into the local and wider UK economy each year. Of this, £2.3 billion goes to Oxfordshire and the University supports 33,000 jobs.

There are various ways individual businesses in Oxford can boost their own profits and the economy of the local area, too. One example is to look at expenses in the area of office equipment and essential devices like printers and photocopiers. Leasing office equipment like this in Oxford makes financial sense, and there are also a number of other reasons why office equipment leasing is a good idea.

It Improves Cash Flow

All small businesses need to watch cash flow, and larger businesses need to watch it too. When you lease office equipment you get the benefits of having the equipment immediately but you do not have to deal with a shortfall in working capital. You may not have a lot of cash available for large purchases but you need new equipment for the day to day working of your business. In this case it is a good idea to lease equipment.

More Finance Opportunities

Photocopier leasing Oxford companies are often less strict than banks about providing years of financial records before allowing a loan or finance. This helps when you are a start-up and you do not have a lot of credit history. If you can budget for your office equipment lease you should be able to set up an agreement with a leasing company that fits within your cash projections.

Always Benefit From Up-To-Date Technology

Items like printers and photocopiers are always being improved but it is not always possible to keep buying the newest version. You need to know that your office equipment is fit for purpose and helping you save time and money, but you don’t need to worry about buying new every few months. With a lease you can update equipment without having to outlay cash every time.

Lower Associated Costs

When you have your own equipment you are responsible for all repairs and maintenance, plus replacements if the equipment breaks down. When leasing you do not have to worry about this, and can normally rely on the fact that some level of maintenance and breakdown cover is included in the rental cost. It is also more convenient when you know exactly who to call when the printer breaks down. When you own the equipment, it is much harder to find a reliable maintenance service.


  1. And do not forget that When you finish your project you will not have to worry about storing it in your installations or transporting it.

  2. Before choosing whether to rent or buy, you need to evaluate a series of questions: what is the type of financial commitment you will need for rent? How long will you need these equipments? Is there an option to buy the equipment? Do you need insurance? Is it possible to terminate the contract in advance and replace the leased equipment with a more modern one?

    • One of the main reasons to bet on the rental of equipment in front of your purchase is to be able to enjoy without having to own or worry about the maintenance of them. That is, you will pay only for its use. In this way, if there is any unforeseen or failure in the rented equipment, the technical service will solve it without problem.


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