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How to work with agile marketing?

There are a number of prerequisites for agile marketing to work. Any company should have a clear idea of ​​what it wants to achieve with its agile initiative. For example, what customer segments you want to control. Or what parts of the conversion funnel you want to improve.

And, for this task, you must have enough data and analysis as well as the right kind of Marketing Technology Infrastructure. This technological component what it does is:

  • Assist marketers in capturing, including and managing data from disparate systems to make them homogenous and easily interpreted by the marketing team.
  • It pushes to make decisions based on data.
  • It automates the delivery of campaigns and messages through channels.
  • And it tracks customer and message performance, and incorporates this data into the system.

However, most digital marketing companies sin from the use of an excess of tools. And that is not the solution.

The importance of the war room in agile marketing

Never forget the most important element for any process are people. If you manage to bring together a small group with talent, you can streamline processes. Especially if they have different skills both internally and externally.

It is best if the team gets rid of their daily “BAU” (business as usual) work so that all members work together at the same time and stay in the same “war room”.

Members of the war room

The exact composition of the war room equipment depends on the tasks you plan to undertake, but all must have a high technical profile, and be able to understand the relationship between data, tools and results, and how they interact with each other.

However, regardless of the composition of the team, the war room needs to have very clear lines of communication with other groups within the organization. And they also need access to other processes.

For example, as discussed at the outset, one of the barriers to marketing may be legal processes. That very often they are slow. In this case the team of the war room must have access and contact with key persons of these legal processes to negotiate any change quickly.



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