If you still use business cards, maybe you should rethink your business


One of the most obvious signs that our business has become obsolete is the use of paper media and, more specifically, the use of business cards to distribute among our customers. At the time, it was one of the most used tools to make us known, provide our personal data and generate an interesting network of contacts to help us grow.

However, the new technologies are sweeping everything in its path, and the use of paper and cards could not resist that force. There is less and less the data book with information on accounting and billing that can be seen in offices, where digitization is a fundamental element to save costs, access information faster and contribute to environmental sustainability.

But business cards are not dying for the digitization of information in the company, but for social networks. With the emergence of Facebook, Twitter and especially Linkedin, our contacts can access from their devices not only the contacts of the person they try to evaluate and know, but also all their professional and academic information.

In addition, and unlike the business card, the digitization of the information allows you to interact with the person without using the phone or email. In a single platform we have a complete business card that also allows a permanent contact between several people in a convenient, simple and fast manner.

But, in a time when environmental awareness is more in vogue than ever before, the use of a business card can be seen as a negative element of our business by many people, customers and even public administrations. The use of the Internet and digital media contributes to reducing the environmental impact of paper in our lives.

For all of this, business cards are an element that, increasingly, are an obvious sign that our business is becoming obsolete.


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