Pewdiepie signs exclusive agreement with YouTube


YouTube has announced an exclusive agreement with Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, the famous youtuber who has been one of the largest content creators on the video platform for years. Details of the agreement, including the contract figure, have not been disclosed. The Google platform has probably reacted in this way to the moves of the last months, which we have seen Mixer sign Ninja, Shroud and King Gothalion streamers, while Twitch secured DrLupo, timthetatman and LIRIK.



PewDiePie has been publishing videos since 2010, many of them for video games, and has garnered 104 million subscribers totaling over 25 billion plays. Google notes that it is by far the highest record achieved by a one-person controlled Youtube channel – that is, excluding companies or music videos.

“YouTube has been my home for a decade and living on the platform is a natural fit,” says PewDiePie, which wants to continue to find new ways to create content and interact with fans. He also points out that his focus is on live broadcasting and the agreement allows him to be in the forefront of “new features,” which is special and exciting.


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