Facebook says it will come out stronger from the pandemic


Facebook seems to be about to emerge from the pandemic in an increasingly strong position. Right now, the economic crisis reinforces its dominance, helps rehabilitate its image and accelerates the market trends that work in its favour.

Clearly, revenue is significantly slowing down from Facebook’s typical double-digit growth, but it is a sign that the foundations of the business remain healthy. Proof of this is its financial results for the first quarter of 2020, the period when the coronavirus crisis began to take hold.

Facebook on mobile

As expected, Facebook’s advertising business took a hard hit but, even so, it did better than Wall Street anticipated, so its shares in the organization rose by 10%. And, in the first weeks of April, when the impact of the pandemic and the worldwide shutdown has been most rigorous, Facebook has said that its revenues are at approximately the same level as during the same time last year.

The future is murkier than ever, and could change a lot in the coming months. But for now, both in the short and long term, as well as financially and reputational, Facebook is positioned to do well.


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