What an effective Facebook Ads campaign should look like


Facebook Ads is a great way of letting people know about your business and the services or products that you can offer to them. However, you need a plan of action in order to make it work because otherwise, you’re going to spend your last cent on campaigns that aren’t targeting the right audience and that as such, won’t bring you a lot in the way of return on investment.

Getting started

Before you set up your first Facebook campaign, you need to know several main things about yourself. The first, and by far the most important one, is your purpose. Just what are you trying to achieve with your advertising efforts? Do you want to get new subscribers, actual sales for your store, or generate leads?

There are several strategies that work great when it comes to Facebook Ads. you can use the platform to offer free content — much like many landing pages offer you a complimentary eBook if you subscribe to the site’s newsletter.

You can also use the app to retarget website visitors, and you can engage your current followers, too. Furthermore, you can let anyone know about any special offer or deal you might have going on in the present.

Build your ideal audience

Creating your ideal audience is much like sketching a buyer or a reader persona before you start writing for your blog. You will have to use the Facebook Ads platform to select as many aspects about your ‘readership’ as possible. Where do your customers or readers live? Are they male or female? Are they parents or single people? Do they have a job or are they stay-at-home moms?

You need to ask yourself all of these questions to try to determine the demographics and interests of your audience as best as possible. Otherwise you are going to advertise your services to the wrong people. And as such, your ad won’t get clicked and you’ll lose money on pay-per-views.

If you have a Facebook Page already and you’re creating the campaign through it, one useful thing you can do is to see what individuals have liked your posts in the past and then try to analyze their interests. This might help you find similar people to advertise to.

Your ad format and testing

If you’re creating your Ad campaign for the very first time, you’ll notice that you can choose from several ad formats. You can opt for anything ranging from single video and slideshow to single image, for instance. Then, you can choose whether the ad is shown in the sidebar or right in the center of the user’s newsfeed. Those displayed in the center are usually more expensive than those from the sidebar. And guess what? The latter are very rarely clicked on.

Create several audiences and test out as many images and texts as your budget allows you to. Try them all out for a couple of days to see which one gets more traction.

Finally, we’d also advise you to do a bit more research to find out if other people from your niche have used Facebook Ads and have gotten good results. Reading reviews can help you understand whether this is the right platform for you or not. It seems to have worked for an entrepreneur who started an affiliate marketing-based website about fishing.


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