Winning at the social media game


As a business owner, you understand the value of having a great online presence. You also understand that being active on social media is a big part of that.

You post regularly and try to engage with your followers, but no matter what you try, your social media results are mediocre at best. How do you fix it and get your stats to skyrocket? By understanding more about your users and social media itself.

We’ve summarized it all in an easy to read infographic – read through it and you’ll get a complete picture of what social commerce really means. Even though the infographic speaks mostly about huge corporations – their efforts are easier to track – anyone can benefit from proper social media marketing. You can sell handicrafts through eBay or Amazon and rake in profits thanks to their very-easy-to-use social media integrations.

At the end of the day, social media marketing is not that different from your casual social media activity: post relevant and interesting stuff, talk to the people who show interest, be nice and responsive and your popularity – and that of your products – will grow.

Why Do Users Follow a Brand on Social Media?

Here are the main reasons that people follow brands on social media. You will need to establish which of these is likely to motivate your target audience more.

  • For Promotions and Discounts: People do like getting discounts. They just don’t want to always feel like you are selling them something. So, these shouldn’t make up the majority of posts.
  • Latest Product Information: People want to know what you have come up with. Create a buzz about your products.
  • Customer Service: 59% of consumers in the United States think that it has become easier to get answers through social media. Some of your target audience will feel the same way.
  • Entertaining Content: Clients want to be entertained. They expect more from you than just the odd discount voucher and a sales pitch. If your page provides entertainment value, they are more likely to visit it often.
  • Ability to Offer Feedback: People like to think that their feedback makes a difference. Ask for their feedback and you’ll earn points.

A successful social media campaign takes its user’s needs into account. Get this aspect right and you’ll be inundated with followers.


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