Does listing in directories improve local SEO?


Local SEO is a way to position your business, that is, to give it more visibility so that more people know you. Therefore, we must take into account all those actions that we can carry out to improve local SEO. That is why today we are going to talk to you about local SEO directories.

Local SEO directories are a tool that can help us improve our positioning in local SEO, so it is essential to take them into account.

How does a local SEO directory work?

There are a large number of directories that can help you improve your local SEO, and they work in a very simple way.

You must register in the directory including your company’s data, such as name, what it does, address, etc.

They are very helpful because Google takes them into account when positioning a local business, and you can achieve all this without having to pay a large amount of money, since in most cases you can register for free.

We advise you, that when you register, always use the same parameters, so that it is easier for Google to recognize you.

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The best local SEO directories

To help you with your local SEO positioning strategy, we will leave you with some of the best local SEO directories so that you can quickly identify the best ones:

Google my business

Google my business is one of the best performing local SEO directories. Its format is based on business cards in which you can put all the information about your company and, in addition, images of it.

There is no cost to register in this directory.

Bing places

This directory is quite similar to Google my business, with the difference that this local SEO directory belongs to Microsoft/Bing services.

Here we can register in the same way as in the previous local SEO directory. We have the advantage of being able to decide what information is seen about our business and it will cause an improvement in our positioning.

Just like Google my business, Bing places confirms the local address of your business by sending you a letter.


Yelp is another local SEO directory, which offers information to its users about the best businesses near them, due to a positioning system by reviews and/or opinions.

It acts as a social network as well, and as we have already mentioned, the most important thing for positioning in their listings is to have good comments from users.

Hot frog

Hot frog is another local SEO directory specializing in companies and businesses. It is one of the best local SEO directories, due to its great importance and authority.

Registering in this directory will offer, like the rest, that improves your positioning, you can register for free, but it also offers paid plans which will offer you different qualities to improve your positioning.



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