Advantages and disadvantages of plugins and modules from a SEO perspective


Developers who use CMS such as WordPress for creating blogs and websites or Prestashop for online stores, among many others, will already know about the existence of plugins and modules. These add-ons that we can include in our digital development offer us multiple advantages, however, they also have their disadvantages, many of them related to our SEO positioning.

Advantages of installing plugins and modules

  • Plugins, just like modules, offer us additional functions that we may want to include in our web development.
  • Instead of having to request or perform programming from scratch, with practically only one click we could have them installed and pre-configured in our system.
  • This implies a considerable advantage both in terms of resources, such as the dedication of time, as well as the guarantee of optimal developments. We will not have to test them exhaustively during their “manufacture” because that step will be carried out by the professionals who have made them.

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Disadvantages of installing plugins and modules

  • At the SEO level, each module implies a setback in the web page loading speed values. Therefore, for each of the additions that we use on our website, we will affect the SEO positioning negatively in this sense.
  • It is true that they do not all affect the add-ons in the same way, so in some cases it will be worth a small drop in the loading speed, while in other cases it could even convince us to reject their installation.
  • On the other hand, some modules and add-ons have links to their developers, especially those that are free. We have to take this into account because it will directly affect our linkbuilding strategy, to the detriment of us and in favor of others.
  • The economic expense is also valuable. Many modules, especially those related to Prestashop, have a purchase cost and even per license. We must analyze whether it is worth investing in it or perhaps its function is not so decisive that it should be included in the website.

In conclusion, plugins and modules are a very interesting contribution, worth investigating when developing an online environment. However, we must assess their advantages and disadvantages, especially balancing its contribution to SEO, price and functionality that can offer us.


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