3 recommendations to strengthen buyer confidence


In recent years, consumer trends and habits have changed substantially among consumers worldwide. The recent health crisis, caused by the Covid-19 virus, has accentuated these changes and accelerated digitisation in all sectors. This is why it is necessary to strengthen confidence for those new buyers in the online environment.

Trust is a vital requirement when making a purchase decision in a digital environment. Years ago, people did not trust ecommerce due to lack of experience; today, we have overcome that phase and it is the potential risks of introducing sensitive data into the network that makes some customers refrain from buying, despite being just one click away from doing so and these three recommendations will reinforce the confidence of buyers:

Accessible and transparent legal information

The online shopper has access to more and more information and is becoming more expert. Therefore, it is vital to inform and update the shipping conditions, the Terms and Conditions of Sale, the Cancellation or Return Policy, the Privacy Policy and the Legal Notice in an accessible place of the commerce.

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Highlight contact details for customer service

The retailer must support at all times during the purchasing process those buyers who are more hesitant or who have questions about the products or services available. The essential contact channels are: telephone number, e-mail and web form. In addition, currently in many ecommerce is also given additional support with instant chat or Whatsapp.

Offer reliable payment methods

It is very important that the buyer finds reliable suppliers when confirming his purchase at check-out. The ecommerce payment page is the one that generates the most friction due to the sensitivity of the payment data that the customer has to enter; offering, or not, the right method can mean a drop of up to 53% of sales. That is why when making the decision to integrate a payment provider it is necessary to prioritize solutions guaranteed by a bank or known entities.

Currently, we are in an era of digitalization in which the main goal of every company is to generate confidence with the buyer for the generation of present and future income. A satisfied and happy customer with the products and services pre/post purchase, is a customer that we make loyal and will repeat their purchase in our ecommerce.


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