What should the perfect backlink look like?


A backlink is an incoming link to our website from a third party site. In SEO positioning it represents one of the best resources for our website to gain weight in search results.

Obtaining backlinks normally responds to a linkbuilding strategy, in which, among other factors, the elements that make the incoming link the best possible are analysed.

In this article we detail what a perfect backlink should look like, what it should include and how it should be created, so that we can take advantage of its full SEO positioning potential.

A link from a site of authority and related subject matter

The origin of the site is a determining factor in the quality of the backlink. First of all, its authority in the general SEO of its sector is valued. The more authority it has, the more it transmits us with its link, so it is more beneficial for our website and our positioning objectives.

If this site, in fact, applies few links in its content strategy, the weight that we will obtain thanks to ours will be even greater than in a site full of links.

In addition, the site must be of a similar or related subject, enough for the Google robot to see a logical connection between the two. If we get the link from a site that has little or nothing to do with ours, that backlink can even penalise us.

The main keyword in the link

A backlink can be created in an infinite number of ways, from the traditional “click here” formula to the name of our company.

In most cases, the ideal would be to use the main keyword of our SEO strategy for that link, which is sure to benefit our positioning for that search.


A natural link

Naturalness is one of the most difficult factors to achieve in a backlink, as it is often placed in a forced or artificial way.

This naturalness is something intuitive that the expert eye detects and that excludes:

  • footer and sidebar links
  • obvious “money keywords”, e.g. “cheap hotel London”
  • URLs without anchor text

For Google, naturalness in the content represents a top priority SEO value and, if it also has a link included, it becomes even more important.

Backlink “do follow”

There are many ways to place a link, including the attributes that are assigned to it as a valid or invalid link.

If we want to take advantage of the SEO benefits of backlinks, they should not be identified with the attribute rel=”nofollow”, so that Google will take them into account. attribute, so that Google takes them into account when linking the SEO power that corresponds to them.


  1. Building backlinks is an essential part for the seo as on-page seo is not enough to be on top. and the tips and tools you describes here are really amazing. i am going to apply these tips and tricks as everyone needs good number of backlinks thanks for this awesome post


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