Benefits of implementing corporate gifts in your marketing strategy


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. How many times have we heard it? And it is true, since we are born we are images. We move and learn through images. An image makes us love things or hate them. In fact, the most viral contents on social networks are images: videos, photographs, infographics, animated gifts… We classify people by their image. We buy things by the image they project and we choose brands by their image.

Because who would want to do business with a company that doesn’t take care of its image? Success calls for success. If you look successful, you will attract success, you will attract customers. The promotional product is a good tool to work your corporate image. Used well, it gives consistency to your brand and, if you are constant in its use, you reinforce the brand image making it more memorable.

Remember that the promotional product is a non-intrusive advertising that connects with your customer even when they are not experiencing your service or product.

Corporate gifts: a successful advertising strategy

Corporate gifts not only help us to attract new customers, but also help us to build loyalty with the ones we already have.

We can use it for marketing and advertising campaigns, for commercial actions, even as an incentive for our staff or use it as a welcome pack to welcome employees, customers and suppliers.

In order to be successful with your actions, it is best to use products of daily use. This way people are exposed to your brand for longer and you generate a greater brand recall and are the most profitable advertising medium with the highest impact today.

Carrying out a promotional campaign with the right corporate gifts can be really productive for your business. Even if compared to other channels such as press, radio, television …. the difference in ROI is higher.

Pen company gift
The promotional product is a good tool to work your corporate image. Used well, it gives consistency to your brand and, if you are constant in its use, you reinforce the brand image making it more memorable.

Advantages of promotional gifts

As we have already mentioned, promotional gifts help to increase sales and reinforce the positive image of the brand. But the benefits you can get are much greater:

  • They are affordable: they are much more affordable than other types of advertising. The most common products, such as pens, mugs, notepads, T-shirts… do not involve a large outlay, so for little you can get a lot. Did you know that, during its lifetime, an advertising pen will get more than 3000 views? The cost per impression is one tenth of a cent!
  • Generate brand awareness: They reinforce brand positioning in people’s minds, making it easier to remember. This unconscious memory will make them choose your brand the next time they see it or need something that your brand solves.
  • It lasts over time: Unlike other advertising actions, promotional products can be used for a long period of time, so your brand will be more exposed than in other media. It will do its job in an economical, effective and long-lasting way.
  • It reinforces the relationship with the customer: When a customer receives a gift, for the purchase they have made, they will see it as a reward and will take it into account in the following purchases, so they will become a recurring customer.
  • Generate potential customers: Those who receive a gift from your brand, in addition to being happy with you, will speak well of your business to friends, family and colleagues, which will increase your customers.
  • It is not perceived as advertising: Compared to other types of promotions such as discounts, scandalous prices, mailing, Internet advertising or traditional media, when a customer receives a promotional gift, he/she perceives it as a gift or recognition from the company to him/her. And the fact that it is not perceived as advertising undoubtedly increases its value.
  • You associate the brand with a solution: If at a certain time of the day you need a specific object, and when you look in the drawer you find one that a brand has given you, you link the satisfaction of using it with the brand that has allowed you to continue with what you had in mind. Indirectly, the mind associates the solution with something useful and good. That’s when the promotional gift comes into play.

When to use the corporate gift?

You can use the promotional product to welcome new employees, customers and suppliers; to thank your customers for their loyalty; for company anniversaries; at trade shows and events; for sponsorships; on uniforms for your employees (sales, warehouse and production lines)….

The occasions in which you can use this type of advertising are multiple and well used will help you to build a solid and consistent brand image.


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