What is considered a quality link today?


For our friend and neighbor Google to be able to value quality links, there are several factors to consider, either to place links for free or to pay for them:

  • The web page where we are going to add the link should be related to our theme.
  • The anchor text we are going to work with should be as varied and natural as possible. As long as this link contains the keyword we are interested in, it is enough. They do not always have to be links with the exact keyword.
  • The higher up the article/page the better the link is placed.
  • Take into account the age of the website. The older the website, the more authority it should have.
  • Check the reputation of your domain, because it is possible that some of them have been penalized by Google.
  • Check the amount of links you are receiving from other websites.
  • Measure the quality and content of your other articles. We can find portals where they are simply a link farm and the content they create is really poor.

Chain links


What types of links are there today?

Not all links are the same. You should know that there are many links that convey authority and others do not.

We currently have up to 4 types of links on the Internet:

  • Dofollow links: Those that we should use that convey authority.
  • Nofollow links: The opposite of dofollow. They do not transmit authority, but if they give a reference to your web page and if they manage to bring traffic to your web they can be very positive.
  • Sponsored links: These are links that are purchased or created through an advertising campaign. Nowadays, we do not recommend adding this type of attribute to the links, since you will be giving Google indications that you are paying for links to position your website.
  • UGC Links: A link that serves to indicate user-generated content, hence the acronym User Generated Content. That is to say, those found in comments on a blog, or publications made by users in the forums.


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