What is CTR, how to measure it and how to improve it


The CTR or Click Through Rate is the relationship between the number of clicks that a link gets and the number of impressions of the page where the link is located.

How is CTR measured?

To measure the CTR, what we must do is divide the number of clicks that have received a link against the number of times the page where the link is shown.

(clicks / impressions) x 100 = CTR

That means, what, if we have a link that has received 5 clicks, on a page that has the link that has been shown 100 times, we find that the CTR of this link is 5%, since 5/100*100=5%.

One of the most interesting CTRs for any website is the one it gets in Google results, that is, the number of clicks that users make on our link when several results are presented to their search. This will be influenced by

  • the amount of Google content available (YouTube videos, Google Shopping products, Google Maps businesses, etc.)
  • the position we hold among those results
  • the content that forms our link

Google search results on mobile



How can we see the CTR of our keywords

To see the CTR of the keywords by which we are positioned, we must do it through Google Search Console.
To know the CTR, the only thing we have to do is put our domain name and access the Performance section of the tool. In the performance report that will appear we will be able to see the average CTR of the website, which is only the average of all the CTRs of our website, and in the report, if we select the Average CTR, the CTR will appear by Keyword, getting in this way, to know which is the CTR of each of the keywords by which our website is positioned.

Through the report that Advanced Web Ranking makes every month, on the average CTR in each of the positions of a SERP, we can clearly see, that depending on the position in which our snippet is in the SERPs, the volume of traffic provided by the keyword is clearly related to the position, so the best position, more volume of traffic, and obviously the average CTR will vary depending on whether it is a brand keyword, or is from a specific sector, or depending on the search intention, but it is always clear that being among the top 5 positions of the SERP is vital to bring quality traffic to our web project.

How can we improve the CTR of our Keywords?

To improve the CTR of our keywords we basically have 4 levers, the optimization of the Title, the meta Description, and the URL, and obviously generating quality content according to the user’s search intention.


Through Title, we must get the user to access the content, for this, we must generate a Title that guarantees the information that the user will find a website that accesses the web, and obviously we must somehow highlight this Title, either through numerical indicators, symbols or dates that will help draw the user’s attention.

Meta Description

We all know that the Meta Description is a content that in no way positions, but it is true that, the Meta Description helps users to make the decision, to access, for this reason, in the Meta Description we must work the content tying up the points of pain of the user and introducing calls to action, so that somehow the user has the clarity of necessary to access the content.


As we have commented before, the methodology to improve the CTR, is to give visibility, clarity and quality to the information, and to do this through the URL we must go beyond these characteristics, generating a short and clear url that easily provides the information about the content of the page that hosts the url.


Finally, we must not forget that the fundamental aspect of a project is its content. To do this, we must work on this content based on the user’s search intention, which means that we must analyse how users search and give them what they need, both through the content and the way in which it is shown in the SERPS.


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