What is Amazon advertising exactly?


The moment you enter a keyword in the Amazon search box you will start to see results, similar to how Google searches work, but as you know, several of the first suggestions will be sponsored publications. Or in other words, advertising on Amazon that will be marked by a text like “advertisement”.

Advertisers who work to achieve greater visibility on Amazon can pay for those positions.

  1. Offers are made for specific keywords that aim to achieve greater visibility in the SERPs of the platform.
  2. Then, when a customer clicks on the ad, the advertiser is charged.

But in addition to working on advertising on Amazon to achieve better positioning, there is also advertising to highlight on specific product pages.

For example, as you can see on the page of a laptop sleeve, an announcement of a mouse appears on the right side.

But now, the million dollar question is another. Should you really advertise on Amazon? Answering a very simple question you will know the answer.

Are you selling a tangible product that customers can buy online?

If the answer is yes, you should advertise on Amazon. But without a doubt, you should go little by little.

For example, if what you sell is sports equipment and tennis rackets are your flagship product, start with an advertisement for the best-selling racket. Once you start to see a favorable ROI, enter more items.

Another compelling reason to advertise on Amazon is that with PPC campaigns your Amazon organic rankings will also improve.

The sales history is a very strong classification factor. If a product sells better, Amazon will place it higher in the search results ranking.

Therefore, it is not only possible to increase the sales of your products by investing in advertising on Amazon, but you could also boost the organic positioning.


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