Keys to a digital marketing strategy


These are the 4 key points to create a digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing has evolved rapidly and offers more opportunities than ever in different channels: emails, social networks… even in the analysis of customer reviews.

Still in 2022 many organizations do not have a proper digital marketing strategy and ignore these 4 key points to create a strategy.

Project objectives

The most important first step in creating any digital marketing is to identify objectives, audience and positioning. You need to have a clear vision of how your digital marketing strategy contributes to the big picture. The next step will be to define Return on Investment (ROI) goals, and define the KPIs that will help achieve these objectives.

Keys to a digital marketing strategy
These are the 4 key points to create a digital marketing strategy

Services needed to achieve objectives

SEO: Search engine optimization defines the positioning of a website and web properties in a search engine. SEO increases organic traffic and allows you to optimize the text of your site to facilitate the customer journey.

SEM/Social Ads: SEM increases traffic through ads and online marketing. Online ads can be expensive, but they are effective in driving traffic to a website and its various categories. With online ads, you only have to choose what and in which channel they will be shown. In addition, you can establish a strategy for Social Ads, Youtube, marketplaces …

Analytics: it is a fundamental element to provide valuable data and information. It helps to improve both current and future digital marketing strategies, set new goals, check which actions work and which do not …

Development: a company’s website is the main headquarters on the Internet. It needs a lot of attention and needs to have a good web design that reflects the brand and the company. It is one of the first places customers visit when they want to know more about a company and product. In addition, more and more users, or potential customers, use their tablet or cell phone to consult the site, so a good UX/UI strategy and a responsive design will help facilitate sales, regardless of the device used by the potential customer.

Competitor analysis

Research as much as possible before making any decision, to better develop and formulate the digital marketing strategy. There are many benefits of looking at competitors in particular: you can find creative ways to differentiate your brand and impose yourself over the competitor.


Services such as email marketing and the right social media strategy can be the key to differentiate yourself from the competition. For example, a well-designed email marketing campaign is the fastest alternative to the reach of other traditional marketing channels. When it comes to social media, being different is key. Post content that stands out.

Content marketing encompasses all the online content you produce, from videos uploaded to e-books to blog posts.

The main elements that make up a content marketing strategy are called the “trifecta”, as in horse racing, and focus on three categories, all of which are absolutely necessary: earned media, i.e. mentions in articles, linkbuilding, social media, publications and opinions about your business; owned media, which includes website, mobile usability, blogs and customer relationship channels; and paid media, such as PPC and display ads, influencer campaigns, promotion on paid platforms, and social media ads, or Social Ads.

New content must be launched on all digital channels on a regular basis.


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