Telegram now includes ads to fund itself: how its new advertising platform works


A few months after Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, communicated his intention to seek new forms of financing for this messaging application, today it has been announced that it will integrate advertising. To do this, it has the Telegram Ad Platform, which is a tool to create sponsored messages in public channels (it can be in one or it can be in many) with more than 1,000 subscribers.

The new tool is created for those who want to broadcast advertising to manage their ads and budgets, choose where those ads will be displayed and monitor their performance. For step-by-step instructions on how to create, publish and manage ads. The app has created a guide to orient prospective advertisers.

For users, this announcement translates to if we are in groups and communities of more than 1,000 people, we can start seeing these ads. Sponsored posts are currently in test mode. Once they are fully integrated into the platform and allow Telegram to cover its basic costs, the company is going to start sharing ad revenue with the owners of the public channels where sponsored messages are displayed.

How to create a Telegram ad

To start creating ads on the platform, you must first sign in. This requires you to have an existing Telegram account (if you don’t already have an account, you need to download one of the mobile apps for Android or iOS and sign up). Once you have an account, enter the account phone number on the login page, after which you will instantly receive a message on Telegram to confirm your login to the platform.

After this first step you can continue the process with your personal account or create one for an organization. Organizations are built around Telegram Groups and Channels. After logging in, you can click Create Ad to start designing a sponsored message or Manage Budget to add funds to your account.Telegram offers templates with several fields to fill in, such as giving your ad a Title, Text and URL.

All links included in the Text and URL field must link to a channel or bot in Telegram, using the or @link format. Links to external sites are not allowed. Once you have completed the text of your sponsored message, you can set a CPM (Cost-Per-Thousand) for the ad, which is the price per thousand views of your ad. The minimum CPM for a sponsored post is 2 euros.

The ad budget is the amount of funds you are willing to spend on a particular sponsored post. The sponsored message will continue to be displayed until it reaches this amount. You can increase or decrease the budget once the campaign is launched.

Sponsored messages are displayed on public channels with more than 1000 subscribers. To better customize the channels that can host the ads, you can select the languages and topics that suit your audience. You can combine several languages and topics, or even leave the fields blank if you prefer… see what happens.


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