Real benefits of SMS Marketing


Sending SMS messages from the Internet is already the solution of many marketing managers, although it will never be as effective as a professional SMS Marketing platform.

Work offline

Submissions from SMS marketing platforms can be carried out offline. So this would be another of the main advantages of this format.

Perhaps one of the reasons for sending SMS messages from the Internet is due to ignorance of other SMS platforms, while thinking  connectivity is essential to get this type of communication.

The truth is, unlike email, which is a channel that depends entirely on the Internet connection, the SMS does not need it. The receiver only need telephone coverage, so almost any user can receive an SMS at any time.

96% of SMS are read immediately

But in addition to having large opening rates and great effectiveness, SMS messages are read in the first 3 minutes after receiving them. This data indicates that the opening rate of emails is very low compared to SMS.

SMS communication can be measured

Professional platforms automatically create analyzes and charts where you can find the exact results of all your actions. Submission data, openings, clicks, etc.

Messages are customizable

The main advantage you can find when sending SMS messages from professional platforms is the level of personalization of mass messages.

In other words, with an SMS Marketing platform, not only do you not have to write each message one by one, but you also have the advantage that it will be sent automatically with a high level of personalization. Thus, each client will have a unique message adapted to their needs.

It is also very useful to include a link for the user to access a specific and personal landing.

If you want to have some fun right now, you can try, in example and imagine that what SMS messages could do for your company with a professional platform.


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