How to carry out a marketing campaign with influencers


If you are already determined to carry out your first influencer marketing campaign, here are some key steps to follow:

Identification of the objective public: The first step in any marketing campaign is to carry out a market study in order to locate and analyze your potential customers. They will have in common a series of characteristics, values or needs that our product can satisfy, such as: demographic profile (age, sex, etc.), cultural profile (economic level, educational, language, values …), etc.

Selection of influencers: The second step is to choose the most appropriate influential person in the sector, that is, the one with the most followers with the characteristics that we seek or that best represents the values and philosophy of the brand. Depending on the type of campaign we want to carry out, we must choose one or more influencers.

Choice of social networks: Once you have studied your ideal client, you must find out which social networks are most present. A shop of fine arts, will not have the same type of clientele as a store of nutrition and therefore the campaign should not be carried out in the same social networks. Surely, in the first example, the public will be more adult and will not be worth for example on Instagram but maybe on Pinterest as it is a social network designed for “art”, “fashion”, inspiration “, etc. Ideally, analyze each case to find the campaign that can help you meet your goals.

Contact: At this point we should get in touch with those influencers that are most appropriate and that we have previously selected.

Promotion of the brand: Some ways to motivate them, that is, to make them want to promote our brand, are economic remuneration or sometimes, if these are related to the values of the brand, simply inviting them to try our product or service will be enough . Many brands make product presentations to which they invite multiple influencers in order to help increase the visibility of the brand. In the event that we want to promote a travel agency, the ideal would be to invite a number of influential people in the travel industry to try our service or experience. In the case of a luxury travel agency, the segmentation of the most appropriate type of influencer for the campaign must go further, that is, we must select those influencers that best represent those intangible attributes of the brand such as “luxury” or “exclusiveness”.

Influencers are people who, through the publication of content in their social network profiles (images, videos, comments), have been able to sell a lifestyle or experience to their millions of followers.

This has been a great promotion opportunity for brands that have seen in these users a link with their audience.




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